Have you discussed with your loved ones what medical treatment you wish to receive in the case of an unfortunate accident? Have you planned accordingly for the distribution of your belongings when you pass? A grave subject most of us avoid, but an important one to prepare for allowing you a great peace of mind that the future is taken care of….

Why hire an attorney to prepare my will?

Some say we live in the “information age.” Yet the truth is, we live in the age of MISINFORMATION. The law of each state is different. Therefore, if you rely upon what you have “heard” or what you see on television or the internet, you may be relying upon MISINFORMATION.

Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills are important legal documents which should only be prepared by an attorney. If your document is prepared, signed or witnessed incorrectly, it may be totally invalid. Therefore you can easily see why only an attorney should prepare these documents.

What is a power of attorney?

This is a written document that appoints a person to be an agent for you allowing that agent perform certain acts on your behalf. This power may be revoked at any time and may be limited or designed to fit your needs.

What is a Living Will?

This is a written document giving defined instructions for one’s medical care desired in the unfortunate circumstance that one is permanently unconscious or terminally ill.

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