Friday June 23 2017
Did you receive a final judgment from Family or Circuit Court where you strongly believe justice was not served? If so, it is important to contact our firm to review your case as you may have grounds for an appeal and time is of the essence.

Appellate work is not to be taken lightly, and Bill Rhoden has the experience as seen with, but not limited to the cases below:

Wallace v. Milliken & Co., 305 S.C. 118 (S.C. Ct. App. 1990).

Crary v. Djebelli, 329 S.C. 385 (S.C. 1998).

Doe v. Roe, 369 S.C. 351 (S.C. Ct. App. 2006).

Mullinax v. J.M. Brown Amusement Co., 333 S.C. 89 (S.C. 1998)

What is An Appeal?

An appeal is a request for a reversal of judgment in a Family Court or Circuit Court ruling.

Grounds for Appeal:

Usually one may appeal their case by arguing that the trial judge included evidence he should not have; excluded evidence he should have allowed; abused his discretion; misapplied the law; or there was an incorrect factual finding.

Time is of the Essence:

If you believe you have grounds for an appeal, you must act quickly as there are time limits for filing an appeal.  Notice of appeals must be generally served within the following time limits:

10 days for General Sessions

30 days for Circuit Court

30 days for Family Court - Domestic Relations

10 days for Family Court - Juvenile Actions

If you lose, the battle is not over:

If you lose in the Court of Appeals, you may still petition for a rehearing as well as petition the Supreme Court if done within the time limits. 

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